Elena De Toma is an Image consultant, a life coach and she is part of FIPI London (federation international of image consultants). Life coach e personal shopper, she works in Tuscany and Arezzo with both private and corporate. After 15 years of experience in the field of effective communication, training and life coaching,  she has landed in the world of image. She becomes fascinated by the interpersonal and communication of the fashion and personal styling worlds .

With determination, passion, and after much research and personal studies, she qualified as Image Consultant and Personal Shopper, at an institution of higher  professional education in Milan.

Then Elena specializes in the analysis of color with the master "Your Colors" Ò by Susan Campbell, innovative and registered trademark method, based on techniques of " chromo esthetique".

During her experience at various companies, she has been able to develop and improve her personal skills and interpersonal communication, relating in different contexts, with professionals and individuals, guiding them in achieving their goals in an efficient way. Her interpersonal- empathic skills, such as kindness and listening capability, combined with a refined sense of aesthetics, taste for beauty and the search for harmony, complete her professional profile.

The human experience combined with the professional one, identified her.

Elena says that: "It’s important to rediscover our personal brand”. Appearance is a unique thing and it definitely belongs to us; it is a fundamental added value, with whom communicate with each other our essence! By taking care of our style and our elegance, we will join the right path to personal success both at work and private life.